Cooledge Lighting

Dynamic LED enabled tunable white system for luminous surfaces that provides constant lumens at all CCTs and dim levels. Create luminous ceilings, feature walls, and large graphic displays with Cooledge TILE Interior lighting systems.


- Three choices of constant lumen output ensure consistent highly calibrated illumination

- Color consistency of typically 2 SDCM between TILEs meets stringent requirements for large area installations

- Cut-to-fit means systems are adaptable to any size installation and can accommodate obstacles and shapes

- Constant voltage electrical architecture is fully scalable without loss of performance or need to reconfigure drivers

- Low setback distances, flexibility, and no requirement for a heat sink enable optimal integration into luminous surfaces

- Multiple options for dimming, lumens, and CCT offer the most adaptable illumination for large surface areas available today

- Mounts directly to most common non-conductive construction materials (eg. drywall, plywood)

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