ABB in Canada for Canada: Shaping Tomorrow Through our Business Ecosystems

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January 13, 2022

By ABB Canada

ABB believes that the development and nurturing of business ecosystems is essential to creating value for our customers and shaping the future. These networks of suppliers, distributors, customers, competitors, government agencies and other organizations constitute a constantly evolving relationship in which each entity must be flexible and adaptable to thrive. In these evolving relationships, each party thrives on flexibility and adaptability. Our strategic ecosystems focus on overarching goals such as accelerating and supporting digital transformation or leveraging the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). The following success stories highlight how the synergy and strength of ABB’s business ecosystems, fueled by Canadian talent, are shaping the future for all Canadians.  

Strategic partnerships fostering E-Mobility adoption in Canada

ABB has been at the forefront of electric vehicle (EV) technology for more than a decade. As the Canadian market leader in power transmission and distribution, we remain committed to the entire electrical value chain. ABB’s North American Centre of Excellence in E-Mobility, established in Montreal (Quebec), supports the development of sustainable transport networks. The Centre gathers transit operators, power utilities and engineering experts to address various challenges, including those related to energy-efficient mobility for Canada.

Aiming to accelerate the adoption of e-mobility in Quebec, ABB partnered with BEQ Technology. As part of its agreement, the Sherbrooke-based innovator and largest network of charging station installers for EVs in Quebec will sell and install ABB’s EV charging solutions. The solutions include high-quality Terra DC wall box chargers – providing fast charging in an ultra-compact footprint – and Terra 54 fast chargers, delivering quick refills, adding 100 km in as little as 25 minutes.

Based in Montreal, Quebec, Taiga Motors delivered the world’s first electric snowmobiles and personal watercrafts. ABB partnered with the global leader in electric powersports vehicles by providing safe, reliable, and compact Terra AC wall box and Terra DC wall box charging stations. The goal of this business ecosystem: expand sustainability to off-road vehicles across North America and Europe.


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Moving further north to St-Jérôme, ABB secured a relationship with an innovative manufacturer of zero-emission vehicles, Lion Electric. ABB’s expertise shines within its partner’s new Lion Energy infrastructure specialty division by providing its complete charging equipment product line. Their common goal: invigorate transition to a zero-emissions future in North America.


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Creating safe environments for buildings of the future

A magnificent example of creative architecture integrated with smart systems, the Îlot Balmoral beautifully adorns the heart of Montreal’s vibrant Quartier des Spectacles.




For the architectural piece, ABB provided a cutting-edge, energy-efficient emergency lighting solution including our Nexus®Pro system. The system was developed at ABB’s Canadian headquarters in St-Laurent, Quebec, using plastic mouldings produced at our Trans-Canada facility. Our smart building ecosystem delivers solutions to create safe environments within buildings of the future.  

Installing Canadian-made

ABB Installation Products designs and manufactures various innovative products and solutions to manage the connection, distribution, and transmission of electrical power in residential, commercial, industrial, construction, and utility applications on a global scale. This business ecosystem leverages the synergies of electrical distributors who are fully integrated locally and support proximity businesses. Some plants have been rooted in the local economy for 50 to 100 years, including brands like Iberville and Microlectric. As ecosystems do, the plants – for example, St-Remi and St-Jean – feed each other’s success through vertical integration. In some cases, ABB buys its own products. As such, we ensure quality throughout and deliver trustworthy products to benefit customers and end users alike.

ABB leverages the power of deep knowledge and diverse expertise while fostering sustainability through its well-developed and nurtured Canadian business ecosystems – thanks to the dedicated partners, suppliers, and employees who create these ecosystems, which benefit all its contributors. Using our ecosystems, we deliver Canadian-made reliable, efficient, and innovative solutions and services to shape the future of Canadians and beyond.


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