Newfoundland Power SignNewfoundland Power is reporting another case of vandalism involving thieves cutting copper grounding wire connected to high voltage electricity grids.

The utility is offering a $5,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person, or persons, responsible for breaking into the Bishop's Falls substation this week.

In a news release Wednesday, it said entry was gained on or before Tuesday by cutting a hole in the security fence.

"We are extremely disturbed that despite our warnings, vandals have once again broken in and illegally entered our high voltage substation in Bishop's Falls," said Gary Murray, vice-president of engineering and operations.

Murray said this most recent case marks the fourth time a substation in central Newfoundland has had copper wire stolen while it's been connected to an energized source, in six weeks.

"Not only is this type of illegal activity extremely dangerous for those involved, it is unacceptable that these vandals would put others at risk of being seriously injured or killed," Murray said in a release.

Copper wire is often stolen and sold to scrap yards for cash.

Newfoundland Power is asking anyone with information to come forward to police.

Originally published by CBC News in Newfoundland/Labrador 9