Electric Vehicle Infrastructure

Feb 04 2016

To support the expansion of electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure and increase sales of EVs, BC is providing $50,000 to help certified electricians receive training in the installation and maintenance of EV charging stations.


The funding from the Clean Energy Vehicle (CEV) Program will be provided to EJTC Enterprises (E2Inc), a subsidiary of the Electrical Joint Training Committee, to subsidize course fees for participants in E2Inc’s electric vehicle infrastructure training program (EVITP).

The EVITP helps to ensure quality and standardization of the installation of EV charging infrastructure and supports the development of the workforce in the EV sector.
All Red Seal certified electrical installers, inspectors and instructors are eligible for additional certification through the EVITP. Course participants gain a broad-based knowledge of EV operation and maintenance, best practices in the safe and cost-effective installation of EV infrastructure, industry terminology and leading-edge technologies, utility policy and integration, and applicable Canadian Electrical Code standards and requirements.

The training also includes information on the province’s CEV Program so that electricians can raise customer awareness of incentives that are available for the purchase of EVs and installation of charging infrastructure.
British Columbia has the largest public charging infrastructure network in Canada and the second-highest per capita adoption of electric vehicles in Canada. The province introduced the CEV Program in 2011 and has since committed $25 million to make clean energy vehicles more affordable and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The program offers point-of-sale purchase incentives and invests in charging infrastructure, outreach, research and training. Since 2011, the CEV program has supported the purchase of more than 2,200 electric vehicles and the development of over 1,000 charging stations.

E2Inc is a Port Coquitlam-based training organization for the electrical sector, offering direct-to-client and train-the-trainer services at locations throughout British Columbia. The Electrical Joint Training Committee, E2Inc’s parent organization, is a partnership between the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 213, the Electrical Contractors Association of B.C. and the Marine Employers. It has been designing and delivering electrical training programs for apprentice candidates and journeypersons for more than 100 years.

Quick facts

The EVITP is offered in two distinct formats:
• delivery directly to electrical installers and electrical inspectors, who are dealing with the installation process.
• delivery to electrical trainers. Upon successful completion of the program, these educators receive the EVITP certification, as well as curriculum and all materials necessary to deliver the program to electrical students.

The CEV Program investments in infrastructure have supported 301 residential charging stations, 142 multi-unit building charging stations, over 550 public level 2 charging stations, and 30 DC Fast Charging stations. A further 20 DC fast charging stations and 200 level 2 charging stations will be installed by March 31, 2018.