March 2 2016

In partnership with the Cayoose Creek Indian Band, Innergex Renewable Energy Inc. has acquired from FortisBC the Walden North hydroelectric facility in BC. Walden North is a 16 MW facility commissioned in 1992 and located on private land in Cayoosh Creek near Lillooet.

Innergex is a Canadian independent renewable power producer that develops, owns, and operates run-of-river hydroelectric facilities, wind farms, and solar photovoltaic farms in Quebec, Ontario, British Columbia, and Idaho, USA.

Photo credit: Innergex Renewable Energy Inc

Assets include
• interests in 35 operating facilities with a total net installed capacity of 716 MW, including 28 hydroelectric operating facilities, six wind farms, and one solar photovoltaic farm
• interests in four projects under development or under construction with a total net installed capacity of 187 MW, for which power purchase agreements have been secured
• prospective projects with a total net capacity of 3,280 MW