Sept 16, 2019

EIN NB power fred 400NB Power recenly announced it will seek approval to build a new transmission line in the Fredericton area, which will improve the reliability of the power grid in the region for approximately 25, 000 customers.

The new proposed 15-kilometre transmission line will run from the Rainsford Substation, in Fredericton, to the Mactaquac Terminal.

“NB Power strives to offer its customer a reliable power grid that meets or exceeds all utility standards,” said NB Power’s President and CEO, Gaëtan Thomas. “This will increase transmission reliability for customers in the Fredericton region with fewer interruptions that can be restored within minutes rather than hours or days.”

The project includes an expansion of the Mactaquac terminal with an additional 138KV bay to accommodate the new transmission line, the construction of the new 15-kilometre transmission line as well as some reconfiguration work at some of NB Power’s substations in the region.

“This project will allow for more renewable and green energy from the Mactaquac Generating Station to be available for our customers in the Fredericton area as the new transmission line will help reduce line losses,” Thomas added. “With this new transmission line, the estimated annual savings will be around 11,350 MWh, which is enough energy to drive 5000 electric vehicles across Canada.”

Before it can proceed, the project will be registered for an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA). Following the EIA process, it is expected that construction would start in the fall of 2020 and continue throughout 2021-2022.

NB Power will hold a Public Open House session from 6-9 pm, on September 17, at the Riverside Resort, 35 Mactaquac Road, in French Village.

Consultations with First Nations key stakeholders and property owners in the area has already started and will continue through the different phases of the project.

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