Lind LED DockLind Equipment’s redesigned dock light, the L41LED,is now more than twice as bright, incorporating high efficiency, high quality LEDs that can light up all the way to the back of a trailer. All with no change in cost.

Priced within range of a traditional quartz halogen dock light, the L41LED can provide a payback of less than half a year compared to traditional technology. The L41LED also qualifies for many applicable local and provincial hydro rebate incentives, making the effective cost even lower.
The L41LED is built on the same platform and housing as the L41 quartz halogen dock light. However, the L41LED does not heat up, eliminating a key safety hazard present with old bulb dock lights. In addition, because the L41LED uses LEDs that are rated for over 50,000 hours, there is no need to waste valuable work time changing bulbs or cleaning up broken glass.

The L41LED uses only 38W of power, compared to 500W for a traditional quartz halogen dock light. For a busy loading bay, this combination of low energy usage and no need to re-lamp means savings upwards of $200 per year per light.

Find out more: Equipment Data Sheet - L41LED.pdf.


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