Philips Fixture Mount SensorThe Philips EasySense fixture-mount sensor is the ideal solution for per-fixture, stand-alone control of new light fixtures. It combines occupancy sensing, daylight harvesting and institutional tuning in a single, compact package for easy OEM fixture assembly. EasySense operates with the established Xitanium SR driver standard to make a simple two-wire connection between sensor and driver, thus eliminating need for multiple components and auxiliary devices. The result is a cost effective and easy-to-design-in solution ideal for energy-savings and code-compliancy strategies. An intuitive app makes configuration during installation fast and easy using SimpleSet.

• Occupancy sensing, daylight harvesting and institutional tuning in one device
• Compact size
• Operates in conjunction with Philips Xitanium SR drivers
• Configuration using SimpleSet (NFC) via intuitive smartphone-based app

• Combines functionality to reduce need for multiple components
• Fits into existing and new-design fixtures
• Easy field configuration of control parameter
• Quick institutional tuning in the field to optimize light and power levels
• Compatible with Philips Xitanium SR drivers
• Cost-effective solution for energy-savings and code-compliancy strategies

• Conference rooms
• Individual offices
• Open offices
• Classrooms
• Storage and break areas
• Restrooms
• Lobbies

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