March 30 2016

Lind Equipment’s newest addition to its Beacon Light line of portable LED floodlights, the LE-HB150LED LED temporary high bay light, is an integral part of the LED Jobsite suite of temporary site lighting for construction sites. The Beacon LED temporary high bay light drives huge electricity, labour and material savings for general contractors and electricians.

Temporary high bay lights are used in construction sites to light up large areas from heights greater than 15’. For retail stores, lobbies, and any area with a higher than normal ceiling height, the temporary high bay has been a staple of construction sites for many years. The Lind LE-HB150LED changes the equation by providing a more efficient and cost-effective solution than traditional bulb-based high bay lights.

With the use of high-efficiency LEDs, the LE-HB150LED puts out the same amount of usable light as a 400W metal halide high bay, but with only 150W of energy usage. This reduction in electricity usage alone can pay for the light on the first project. And unlike traditional bulb-based high bays, the Lind Equipment LED temporary high bay is built durable enough to be used again and again from project to project.

For general contractors and electricians, the savings from using the LE-HB150LED also come from a reduction in installation and maintenance activities. The LE-HB150LED comes out of the box with a daisy-chain outlet, allowing quick installation of multiple lights on one circuit without having to run dedicated cords. Because of its low energy draw, the LE-HB150LED can be daisy-chained up to 9 units on a single 15A circuit. In addition, because there are no bulbs to break or burn out, there is virtually no maintenance needed once the lights are hung.

The LE-HB150LED has a multitude of benefits over the traditional bulb-based high bays. In addition to the ones already listed, the LE-HB150LED will instantly start and restart in all weather conditions and doesn’t require a warm-up period like bulb-based high bays. It also does not generate dangerous heat like the metal halide bulb-based high bays.

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