Apr 23, 2019

salisbury rocketclamp 400Featuring a patent-pending design that is unmatched within the industry, the C-Clamp with RocketLock technology offers a spring-loaded lower jaw that snaps closed instantly. Enjoy increased productivity from dramatically shortened installation times, with less effort required by the user. The unique RocketLock technology also reduces the potential risk of repetitive motion injuries.

Personal Protective Grounds are critical for ensuring worker safety. Yet, the installation can often be difficult and time consuming. Ground assemblies frequently need to be applied from an awkward angle. In difficult overhead applications, clamps must be tightened while lifting and supporting the full weight of the assembly at the end of a clampstick. Often adjustments are required to obtain a good connection between the clamp and the conductor.

The spring-loaded jaw holds the clamp securely on the conductor while only one-half turn is needed to lock the clamp in place, providing the assurance that the clamp has been tightened to the appropriate torque specification. The need to install the clamp by repeatedly turning an eyescrew over and over has been completely eliminated. Save time and effort, discover the new C-Clamp with RocketLock technology.

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