May 10, 2019

H3With a constant focus on smart city innovations, the Quebec-based company Dimonoff has developed the H3, a new product considered a game changer in the street lighting industry. Not only does the H3 allow to efficiently and precisely manage lighting intensity, measure power consumption and report malfunctions in a city’s street lighting infrastructure, but it now has even more features that are designed to increase the security and operational efficiency of cities.

In addition to reaffirming the company’s position as a major player in the lighting control market, the arrival of H3 propels Dimonoff into the future of smart street lighting at a time where the transition to responsible energy management is more important than ever. "We are extremely proud to finally unveil the H3. This new generation of street & area lighting control device allows many other usages of IoT and sensor connectivity that promise incredible control and monitoring possibilities. In fact, the H3 is designed to serve cities’ goals of collecting insightful data to better serve their citizens." claims Bernard Têtu, CEO of Dimonoff.

The H3

The H3 is an electronic device designed to easily twist-lock on standard LED street light fixtures. "For cities, the H3 offers several advantages. Just in terms of lighting infrastructure maintenance operations, the system autonomously detects and reports problems such as power outages, lights out during the night or lights on during the day. The system informs cities managers of the problem before citizens do. "Says Daniel Noiseux, Executive VP at Dimonoff.H3node

“Installing the H3 on every street light in a city creates a rugged wireless network that transports data from light controllers and other sensors to the right decision makers. This allows data-driven decision making about a city’s key infrastructures and indicators. This translates into improving cities, whether their priorities are to increase the attractiveness of neighborhoods, facilitate mobility or to reduce energy consumption.” adds Mr Noiseux.

The H3 stands out among others because of its multitasking capability, multiple radio options, responsible data management protocols and other state-of-the-art features. Integrated with SCMS, Dimonoff’s IoT management platform, a network of H3-controlled street lights enables many beneficial smart applications. For example:

Wireless Communication

In order to offer a robust communications network, "we were looking for a proven technology capable of interconnecting one thousand H3 devices in one single mesh network. Wirepas stood out against its competitors with long communication distances, very strong interference immunity and in a secure and encrypted environment. Wirepas opens up new possibilities to deploy lighting control in rural areas or anywhere street light density or natural obstacles are an issue", explains Éric Dusablon, VP of Operations at Dimonoff.

“Wirepas Mesh integrated in Dimonoff products creates an end-to-end solution, where use cases in a city are endless. With ease of installation, reliability and scalability, Wirepas’ and Dimonoff's combined solutions enable cities to securely collect dynamic and reliable information from all types of connected smart city operations.” mentions Youssef Kamel, SVP & General Manager, Wirepas Americas.

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