May 26, 2019

Retrofits Going RetroFeaturing LED technology, these bulbs have the look and feel of a retro incandescent but bring you over 80% energy savings! It’s energy efficient style.

Get That Retro Feel Without Sacrificing Energy Efficiency

Vintage style bulbs play an important role in forming a customer’s first impression of your restaurant, coffee shop, or retail space. Their stylish appeal combined with a soft glow aids in creating a comfortable ambiance, telling your patrons that you care about their experience from the moment they open the door. Traditional vintage bulbs are also transitioning into residential home décor and hotel guest rooms. As a novelty bulb, it combines modern technology with an old-school look, creating an inviting and hospitable atmosphere.

Some Unique Retro Filament Examples from EarthTronics

It’s no secret that LEDs are the modern bulb of choice. With over 80% energy savings, easy retrofit options, more consistent color, and up to 20x long lifespan than any other artificial light source, it’s simply the best available. Beyond the efficiency of an LED, now you can also purchase these bulbs in many retro filament options.

Here are a couple of the most interesting options in our product line:

BA10 Amber Filament LED

A unique filament LED design, this 4-watt bent tip candle appears like an incandescent, but actually replaces a 40-watt incandescent candle bulb. The amber glass provides a unique retro appearance perfect for decorative, fun applications.

ST19 Amber Filament LED

This unique “Edison” style 5-Watt EarthBulb LED features filament LED technology. The bulb provides 380 lumens and replaces 40-watt incandescent bulbs. While it’s also amber glass, the design of the bulb is the most eye-catching aspect, harkening to the vintage feel many facilities are looking for.

With over 15,000 hours of LED life and an appearance that enhances both residential homes and commercial buildings, our LED filament bulbs take energy efficient lighting and décor to a whole new level. Check out their most recent product line expansions, adding clear finish 1-watt S14 and 5-watt T10 decorative LEDs to their vintage bulb product line, giving customers even more ways to save energy and look cool doing it.

If you need help developing a LED lighting design that’s perfect for your space, reach out to the EarthTronic’s customer service team, they are here to help!