June 10, 2019

EIN NP MiniFlex 400The MiniFlex Model MA114 is a compact flexible AC current transformer composed of a 14-inch flexible sensor and an electronic module. The flexible sensor permits measurements on conductors where standard clamp-on probes could not be used. It can be installed in confined spaces, places where access is difficult, or even wrapped around irregular shapes.

The MA114 is lightweight. It does not have a magnetic core like standard transformers. It presents virtually no load to the system under test, has a low phase shift, excellent frequency response, and cannot be damaged by overloads. The sensor assembly is insulated for 1000V CAT III; 600V CAT IV. It is weatherproof rated to IP67 and is CE marked.

The MA114 has four selectable ranges of 3, 30, 300, and 3000 Amps with outputs from 1 to 1000 mV/A for direct readings on DMMs, data loggers, oscilloscopes, and power or harmonic meters. The MA114 can be powered by alkaline batteries for up to 300 hours or indefinitely through its USB 5-volt power port.

LEDs indicate power on/off, overload conditions, and power save mode.



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