Aug 22, 2019

LDS ERCO Compar 400Now even more choice in the Compar range from ERCO: the new linear surface-mounted luminaires combine the versatility of the innovative Compar lighting technology within a slender, elegant housing that can be efficiently mounted directly onto all types of ceilings. Ideal for illuminating new or existing administrative buildings - distinct and standard-compliant particularly in combination with other luminaires from the extensive Compar range.

How can the work of architects and lighting designers with challenging lighting concepts be made easier - especially for large office and administrative projects? For example with a system of luminaires that suits any room situation or application with a wide range of mounting options, light distributions and wattages. And also with a consistent design and uniform technical parameters to enable lighting designs from a single range. ERCO has created such a system in the form of the Compar family and has now expanded the existing downlights for track recessed, pendant, and surface-mounted luminaires in a square design with a surface-mounted linear design option.

Slender and elegant

New buildings with exposed, thermally active concrete ceilings, and also renovated, redesigned and converted existing buildings are just a few of the many applications in which surface-mounted luminaires offer an aesthetic and simultaneously economical solution. Linear Compar surface-mounted luminaires with their minimalist design are ideal for architectural lighting in public buildings and sophisticated offices. Accommodated in a slender aluminium profile with a length of 1200 mm, each luminaire has two direct distribution linear technology modules with 6 LEDs per module. Installation uses concealed fixing elements for fitting to a ceiling fixture, leaving a slim shadow gap between the ceiling and luminaire. 

Practical Compar lighting technology

The highly efficient lighting technology of the Compar range has already proven itself many times over. It features high levels of visual comfort as well as light distributions geared to typical applications: two of these, i.e. rotationally symmetrical wide flood distribution (beam angle approx. 60°) and axially symmetrical oval wide flood distribution (beam angle approx. 90° x 55°) meet the stipulations of standard-compliant workplace lighting thanks to appropriate UGR values. 

Diversity through systematics

The extra wide flood rotationally symmetric distribution with approximately 85° beam angle allows the especially efficient illumination of ancillary areas and circulation areas with economically wide luminaire spacing. Thanks to their 30° cut-off, the Compar optics offer a high level of visual comfort, and anti-dazzle louvres are available in black and highly specular silver as well as other colour variants (e.g. copper) via the "ERCO individual" service. 

Further variants result from the two wattages of the LED modules and from the control gear, either switchable or with a DALI interface. ERCO powder-coats the aluminium housing profile in its system colours of black, white or silver, as well as in up to 10,000 further special colours on request. With this logically structured variety, the new Compar surface-mounted luminaires are a rigorous extension to the ERCO luminaire system and an ideal palette of tools for lighting designers active in the field of office and administration buildings.

Technical features

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