Dec 16, 2020

Amprobe AT-6010 Advanced Wire Tracer KitWith the AT-6010 advanced wire tracer kit, it is easier and safer to locate energized and de-energized wires, breakers and fuses. When the transmitter is connected to the circuit, the receiver easily detects the signal in the wires or cables behind walls, ceilings and floors. The transmitter works on energized and de-energized circuits up to 600 V AC/DC in Category I through Category III electrical environments, allowing for work directly on an energized circuit without the need to take equipment offline. The transmitter also features high signal mode for general tracing and a loop mode designed specifically for locating shorts, as well as two optimal tracing frequencies that are automatically activated based on the detected voltage.



• Receiver:
o Tip sensor - to trace wires in tight spaces
o Large black and white LCD screen
o Energized/De-energized indicator
o Signal strength bar graph
o Sensitivity adjustment

• Transmitter:
o Compatible with standard test leads
o Voltage warning indicator
o HI mode for general wire tracing
o Loop mode for finding shorts
o Simple one button operation

• Large LCD Receiver screen with two digit readout, bar graph and sound to easily determine wire location

• Compatible with the CT-400 Signal Clamp accessory for inducing a tracing signal on the cable when there is no access to bare conductors


• Trace energized and de-energized wires

• Identify breakers and fuses

• Connect to GFCI protected circuits

• Find breaks and opens

• Find shorts

• Trace wires in metal conduit

• Trace non-metallic pipes and conduit

• Trace shielded wires

• Trace underground wires

• Trace low voltage wires and data cables

• Sort bundled wires

• Map a circuit with test leads

• Trace breakers on system with light dimmers

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