Apr 13, 2021

Klein Tools Conduit BendersKlein Tools, for professionals since 1857, introduces a new line of conduit benders, available in both heavy-duty cast iron and easy-to-handle reinforced aluminum, both featuring new patent pending Angle Setters™ that create a hard stop resulting in fast and accurate bends.

Heavy duty cast Assembled Iron Conduit Bender with Angle Setters™ ductile iron heads. Available sizes:

1/2’’ EMT (Cat. No 51603)

3/4’’ EMT (1/2’’ Rigid/IMC) (Cat. No 51604)

1’’ EMT (3/4’’ Rigid/IMC) (Cat. No 51605)

Iron heads are available separately.

Assembled Aluminum Conduit Benders with Angle Setters™

Easy handling aluminum head is reinforced for added strength. Available sizes:

1/2’’ EMT (Cat. No. 51606)

3/4’’ EMT (Cat. No. 51607)

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