Apr 29, 2021

Klein Tools® Digital Multimeter Electrical Test Kit• Digital Multimeter measures up to 600V AC/DC voltage, 10A DC current and 2 ohm resistance

• Meter also test batteries, diodes, and continuity

• Voltage Tester NCVT-3P has dual-range capabilities to detect from 12 to 1000 V AC or 70 to 1000V AC for a broad variety of low-voltage or standard voltage applications

• Bright flashlight illuminates work area and may be used independent of NCVT-3P voltage detection function

• ET45 tests AC voltages from 28V to 240V AC at four useful levels aligned with commonly used residential voltages, and DC voltages from 32V to 330V at four common levels

• Built-in test lead holder on back of ET45 holds the leads in one of two positions: one so that they are spaced correctly to test tamper-resistant US-style outlets and the other for convenient storage of the test leads

• RT210 detects the most common wiring problems in standard and GFCI receptacles including open ground, reverse polarity, open hot, open neutral and hot/ground reversed

• Receptacle tester works on GFCI outlets and confirms operation of the ground fault protective device

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