June 14, 2021

Vive PowPak Phase Select Dimming ModuleThe Vive PowPak phase select dimming module is a radio frequency (RF) control that operates phase control fluorescent ballasts or LED drivers based on input from Pico remote controls and Radio Powr Savr sensors. The PowPak module is ideal for small areas (e.g., classrooms, conference rooms, private offices).

Communication with RF input devices (e.g., Pico remote controls, Radio Powr Savr sensors) is accomplished by using Lutron Clear Connect – Type A RF Technology.

These products are also compatible with the Vive hub which enables an app-based simple setup process using a standard web browser on any Wi-Fi enabled phone, tablet or computer. It also enables control and monitoring of all Vive devices. The Vive hub can be added at any time. System reprogramming will be required. For a complete list of features supported with the Vive hub, see specification submittal 369902 at

• 120/277 V~ voltage phase control dimming for all phase control load types.

• Model (RMJS-PNE-DV-EM) available for use with emergency lighting. See page 6 for operating details.

• Configurable high- and low-end trim

• Phase selectable (non-automatic): Operates in reversephase mode by default. Can be changed to forwardphase mode using button presses or the Vive app.

• PRO LED+ is Lutron’s industry-leading technology which enables either forward or reverse-phase control for optimal dimming down to as low as 1% (dependent on the driver’s capabilities).

• RTISS technology compensates for incoming line variations such as frequency shifts (up to +/- 2% change in frequency / second), harmonics and line noise.

• RTISS-ICM technology is able to withstand high inrush LEDs, bulb blowouts, and direct shorts.

• Integral protection for common temporary overcurrent and over-voltage conditions.

• LEDs on the PowPak module provide diagnostic information. See App Note #781 (P/N 048781) on for more information.

• Buttons on the PowPak module provide override control.

• 10-year power failure memory automatically returns the outputs to the levels they were set to prior to a power outage. • NEMA SSL 7A-2015 compliant for compatibility with solid state lighting.

• Receives wireless inputs from up to 10 Pico remote controls, 10 Radio Powr Savr occupancy / vacancy sensors, and 1 Radio Powr Savr daylight sensor Utilizes Lutron Clear Connect – Type A RF Technology (see frequency range on page 2).

• Mounts in a standard metal 4 in x 4 in (101.6 mm x 101.6 mm) junction box.

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