June 14, 2021

Hubbell Illuminated Plugs and ConnectorsHubbell’s illuminated plugs and connectors are the latest addition to the already broad line of wiring devices. Designed with safety in mind, ultra-bright LEDs let the user know that power is present and flowing to the device. Clear polycarbonate housing allows for visibility from any viewpoint. LEDs are highly visible from distances far beyond the length of the cord.

Utilizing our superior cord clamp design in conjunction with the transparent angled wiring entrance holes, wiring and assembly is easy and efficient. Solid brass alloy contacts ensure a safe and lasting connection for the life of the connector.

• 360˚ LED visibility around body

• Easily confirm power is flowing through the cord

• Constructed of impact resistant durable polycarbonate and nylon

• Universal cord grip automatically centers and secures the cord

• Elastomeric dust seal prevents dust, moisture, and contaminants from entering the wiring chamber

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