June 21, 2021

Liteline OnCloud Smart Wi-Fi 3-Way SwitchThe OnCloud Smart Wi-Fi 3-Way Switch works with any 120V bulb or fixture – every time. Works in 3-way or 4-way applications.


Durable polycarbonate body with snap-on faceplate.


The smart Wi-Fi 3-way switch provides a maximum output of 1200W.

Radio Frequency

Certified IEEE 802.11 b/g Wi-Fi 2.4Ghz radio.

Easy Installation

The smart Wi-Fi 3-way switch installs into 3-way or 4-way switch applications (only one smart Wi-Fi switch can be installed in any 3-way application). Neutral wire required.

WiZ App

The smart Wi-Fi 3-way switch can be controlled via the WiZ app (works with iOS and Android) from anywhere. Voice control can also be achieved by integrating the app with most smart speakers. Works with Google Assistant, Siri, Alexa and IFTTT.

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