Aug 19, 2021

EIN FS Heat Pump 400Low-ambient heating is where most heat pumps struggle. For a heat pump to provide heat when the mercury gets ultra-low is no easy task. Thankfully, the Hyper-Heat Plus Technology, fueling our FS model, delivers 100% heating performance at -20°C, and can operate efficiently in temperatures as low as -25°C. On the coldest of days, you can experience elevated indoor comfort.

The patented Mitsubishi Electric Dual Barrier Coating prevents dust and dirt from accumulating on the inner surface of the heat pump; keeping your heat pump clean year-round.

The 3D i-see Sensor on the FS model scans the entire room and divides it into 752 zones, detecting exactly where you and your family are located based on your unique body temperature. The 3D i-see Sensor is so precise, it can even differentiate between people and pets.


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