Telescoping Light PoleEaton’s new V-SpringTM Telescoping Light Pole increases safety and reduces labour costs associated with installing and maintaining lights at industrial facilities. 

The controlled lowering pole features spring assistance to easily move the fixture up and down vertically. The V-Spring system may prevent the need for worker’s to work at heights when they need to clean or repair the light. 

“At this very moment, nearly one-third of all lights in industrial facilities are not working, leading to the fact that a staggering 34% of all electrical incidents at industrial facilities are related to lighting,” says Bradford Morse, industrial fittings global product line manager, Eaton’s Crouse-Hinds business. “Our newest solution allows operators to quickly and safely maintain lighting throughout a facility by bringing the light fixture to the worker rather than the other way around.” 

The V-SpringTM Telescoping Light Pole enables work to be completed on the walkway or platform. It uses spring assistance to offset the pole and the light’s weight and enables a worker to safely and easily lower or raise the light fixture. The innovative system reduces the necessary number of workers as well as the time it takes to install, clean, or repair the light fixture.

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