January 11, 2022

EIN SensorSwitch Acuity Sealed Wall Plates 400The SSW Series of Sealed Screwless Wall Plates from SensorSwitch™ is designed to protect wall switch devices from liquid while blending perfectly into the design of the space.

In today’s environment, disinfecting commonly touched surfaces like wall switches is essential to promote a healthy space for everyone. Sanitation procedures vary and can overly dampen electric devices. Over time, chemicals may enter the device and leave residue that can cause long term harm.

The Sealed Wall Plate is designed to stop liquid from entering the device by including a clear silicone rubber layer overlayed on the wall switch. The rubber layer allows cleaning personnel to sterilize vigorously without damaging the device and while maintaining a button tactile feel. Sealed Wall Plates are available in two versions: an optional window for the occupancy sensor is available in addition to a fully enclosed wall plate option.

Aesthetic Appeal and Functional: Today’s wall plates provide a decorative accent that adds style and contrast to walls. Sealed wall plates deliver the modern elegance of SensorSwitch new aesthetic wall switches. All wall plates come in a matte texture and three colour finishes.

Withstands Vigorous Cleaning: The design of the patent-pending Sealed Wall Plate allows cleaning personnel to sterilize vigorously, without damaging the device. Each wall plate is made from a tough thermoplastic material that can withstand high impact without breakage.

Protection You Can Count On: Our Sealed Wall Plates carry an IP54 Rating, giving you confidence the wall switch device is protected.

Key Applications:

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