June 23, 2022

EIN Klein Tools Stand Up Zipper Bags 400Klein Tools introduces new Stand-up Zipper Bags, in a 2-Pack with 7-Inch and 14-Inch sizes, both designed to handle tough jobsite conditions and stand up so tools and small parts can be easily accessed when working.

Stand-up Zipper Bags, 7-Inch and 14-Inch, 2-Pack (Cat. No. 55559)

“Trade professionals have to carry a variety of small tools and parts as part of their daily jobsite activities,” says Scott Rabe, senior product manager at Klein Tools. “Klein Tools’ new Stand-up Zipper Bags are designed to carry all of these small items, and are made of heavy-duty ballistic weave material, with reinforced bottoms to help prevent sharp tools and parts from wearing through. The bottoms are also gusseted to allow them to stand up, giving easy access to tools. On top of all that, the bags come together in a 2-pack, with 7-Inch and 14-Inch sizes, so you have options to choose what works best for your job.”

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