PVC Coated Conduit from Atkore Now ETL-Verified and UL 6 Listed

EIN Atkore PVC 400

November 1, 2021

Atkore’s PVC coated galvanized rigid steel conduit has earned ETL Verification while also meeting Underwriters Laboratory (UL) 6 Safety Standards. ETL verification and UL 6 safety listing validates the adhesion of the conduit’s PVC coating and ensures long term system protection in the harshest environments including bridges, tunnels, wastewater treatment, petrochemical and mining.  

During transport, handling or installation, PVC coated conduit may become damaged. Over time, heat and humidity can compromise the adhesive bonding of the PVC-coating causing the coating to fray, peel, and degrade. This can allow moisture to seep in, initiating the corrosion process on both the outside and inside of the conduit.

With Atkore’s special bonding agent, the PVC coated conduit passed the ETL SEMKO High Temperature H2O PVC Coating adhesion test and the UL 6 Listing Standard.   

Intertek’s ETL SEMKO PVC001 test exposes conduit systems to extreme heat and humidity, two proven environmental factors that reduce the effectiveness of PVC coating adhesion and accelerate corrosion. The test involves immersing the PVC coated conduit in 90°C liquid (+/-5°C) at a 95% relative humidity for more than 200 hours. This tests the conduit systems’ adhesion and internal/external coatings to confirm the bond of the PVC coating to the steel substrate.

The UL 6 listing entails a series of four tests simulating real world weathering of PVC coated conduit. A protective coating of zinc must be evenly applied to the exterior surface of the GRC conduit, adhering firmly without any blistering or defects. Although PVC coating does not naturally bond to zinc, Atkore’s bonding agent demonstrated a secure seal between the zinc layer and PVC coating, eliminating chances for corrosion.

“We take pride in supplying the PVC coated rigid conduit market with a solution that is ETL-verified for performance and UL Listed for safety” says Mike Lang, Senior Product Manager of Corrosion Resistant Conduit at Atkore. “Whether you’re a contractor, consultant or design engineer, now there is a choice when it comes to selecting ETL-verified PVC coated conduit.”

Atkore’s ETL-verified PVC coated conduit is available through a network of stocking distributors for their Calbond or Allied Tube & Conduit brands. For more information, visit https://www.calbond.com/pvc-coated-conduit/.

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