Hydro One Invests $19.2 million in Haldimand County’s Transmission Station



Hydro One has completed a $19.2 million refurbishment to the Dunnville Transmission Station (TS) in Haldimand County. The investment includes building a new station and installing new transformers and an additional feeder line. This refurbishment project will ensure there is enough electrical capacity for Haldimand County’s needs and to support future growth in the area.

The Dunnville Transmission Station was built in 1952 and has served customers in Haldimand County for more than 60 years. The project began in April 2014 and was completed ahead of schedule. It involved the complete removal of the original station and took approximately 25,000 construction hours to complete.

“Investment in our transmission system is critical to meet the current and future needs of the communities we serve,” said Carm Marcello, President and CEO, Hydro One. “The refurbishment of this transformer station provides improved local infrastructure and capacity for the community to grow while ensuring Hydro One can continue to deliver safe and reliable electricity.”

Hydro One owns and operates Ontario’s 29,000 km high-voltage transmission network, which delivers electricity to large industrial customers and municipal utilities, and a 123,000 km low-voltage distribution system that serves about 1.3 million end-use customers and smaller municipal utilities in the province. Hydro One is wholly owned by the Province of Ontario.


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