Industrial Products: Little Giant Ladder Systems

The Conquest 2.0 is a versatile, multi-position ladder with non-conductive fiberglass rails. This lightweight ladder is ready to take on any project. Plus, it’s Hi-Viz Green now.

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The Multi Connection System

For Continuous System Wiring
WAGO’s Multi Connection System (MCS) provides industry-leading solutions for your wiring applications. This versatile system allows for continuous system wiring, with multiple configurations and ways to wire.

  • 100% protection against mismating
  • Conductor range of 28-4 AWG.
  • Easy-to-customize coding options

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Latest Articles

  • Industrial Projects Lead Non-Residential Construction Intention Gains

    Industrial Projects Lead Non-Residential Construction Intention Gains

    April 22, 2024 Month over month, the total value of building permits in Canada increased 9.3% to $11.8 billion in February. The non-residential sector grew 12.3% to $4.7 billion due to the issuance of several major construction permits, while the residential sector increased 7.4% to $7.1 billion. Ontario (+21.7% to $5.0 billion) led the growth, with gains occurring across all components. On… Read More…

  • Multi-Unit Component Weighs on Investment for February Building Construction Investment

    Multi-Unit Component Weighs on Investment for February Building Construction Investment

    April 22, 2024 Month over month, investment in building construction declined 1.1% to $19.3 billion in February. Investment in the residential sector decreased 1.2% to $13.4 billion, while investment in the non-residential sector fell 0.9% to $6.0 billion. On a constant dollar basis (2017=100), investment in building construction fell 1.2% to $11.9 billion in February, following a flat (+0.0%) movement in the previous… Read More…

  • Shore-Side Electricity and Data Monitoring Take Hold in the Cruise Industry

    Shore-Side Electricity and Data Monitoring Take Hold in the Cruise Industry

    April 15, 2024 On July 7, 2023, the United Nations International Maritime Organization (IMO) and its participating maritime countries set their Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions strategy to achieve net zero “by or around” 2050. As a result, the shipping industry, including cruise lines, is adopting various strategies to achieve this ambitious goal, including new fuels,… Read More…

  • Project Spotlight: Sainte-Thérèse High School Lighting Upgrade

    Project Spotlight: Sainte-Thérèse High School Lighting Upgrade

    Built in 1980, the building that houses Sainte-Thérèse high school, in Quebec Canada, was looking a little worse for the wear. Renovation work began with two major projects: introducing a multidisciplinary sports centre, as well as redesigning the parking lots.  The employee and visitor parking lots were completely reconfigured during phase 1 of the renovation… Read More…

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Keyed Different vs Keyed Alike: What to know and how to choose

An important decision while developing your lockout program is choosing between keyed alike or keyed different lockout tagout padlocks. What’s the difference?

Continue reading to find out.

Shedding Light on Directional Lighting: A Bright Focus in the World of Illumination

By Robert Lanteigne

In the vast world of lighting, where brightness and ambiance play crucial roles, there exists a fascinating phenomenon known as directional lighting.

Unlike its counterpart, diffused lighting, which disperses light in various directions, directional lighting focuses its luminance in one specific direction, akin to a laser beam cutting through the darkness. This article aims to delve into the intricacies of directional lighting, exploring its characteristics, applications, and significance in various settings.

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No Mess, Less Stress. IDEAL Introduces Yellow 77® in a Spray Version

The newest version of Yellow 77 lubricant maintains the performance of the classic wax-based formula, but now comes in a convenient, easy-to-use aerosol spray format. Beyond the ease of application, another feature that sets the Yellow 77 aerosol apart is its extended stability range. The aerosol is temperature-stable from -17°C to…

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Housing Intentions in Ontario Lead Overall Gains in Residential Sector for January 2024

Month over month, the total value of building permits in Canada rose 13.5% in January to $10.8 billion, rebounding after a decrease of 11.5% in December. The residential sector increased 12.6% to $6.5 billion in January, while the non-residential sector grew 14.8% to $4.2 billion.

On a constant dollar basis (2017=100), the total value of building permits was up 14.0% to $6.7 billion in January.

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Next Generation Junction Box


NEMA 1, 2, 3R, 4, 4X, 12, 13
CSA C22.2 No. 40
CSA C22.2 No. 85
UL 50 / CSA C22.2 No. 94.1
UL 50E / CSA C22.2 No. 94.2

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The next generation of MV circuit breakers

With native digital connectivity, EvoPacT medium voltage circuit breakers are integrated with embedded sensors for 24/7 predictive health monitoring, helping data and controls become visible locally or remotely for increased efficiency and reduced risk.

Designed to be modular and flexible, EvoPacT can be easily scaled and upgraded to accommodate your growing needs. EvoPacT includes scalable connectivity, IoT and an HMI that enables remote digital operation from outside of the arc flash zone.

Find out more here.

Changing Scene

  • CCA Calls for Meaningful Investment as Housing Takes Centre Stage in Budget 2024

    CCA Calls for Meaningful Investment as Housing Takes Centre Stage in Budget 2024

    April 22, 2024 The federal government’s housing strategy is a long-awaited step forward to build more homes, but significantly more investment is needed to address critical infrastructure needs and the housing crisis, says Canada’s construction industry. The federal government’s plan announced in this Budget, as well as actions taken through the 2023 Fall Economic Statement,… Read More…

  • BCCA Response to Federal Budget 2024

    BCCA Response to Federal Budget 2024

    April 22, 2024 BCCA response to the federal budget announcement: The 2024 Federal Budget falls short on a number of policies required to meet the needs of BC’s construction industry, specifically in terms of workforce solutions and infrastructure. Our concern is that demand stimulated by aggressive housing targets and loan programs will surpass the BC… Read More…

  • Have your Voice Heard…Join in One of CEMRA’s 3 Subcommittee Groups and Make a Difference

    Have your Voice Heard…Join in One of CEMRA’s 3 Subcommittee Groups and Make a Difference

    April 22, 2024 The CEMRA board is looking for CEMRA reps to embark one of the three valuable Board subcommittees. If you are a rep, and would like to get involved and contribute, this is your opportunity. The 3 subcommittee groups include the following projects; If you have any questions, please reach out to the… Read More…

  • AEA RFP for Technical Seminars

    AEA RFP for Technical Seminars

    April 15, 2024 AEA is thrilled to announce that they’ll be hosting a series of sessions in Calgary, Edmonton, and Red Deer. These events promise to be multifaceted, bringing together a diverse array of attendees from the electrical industry. It’s an excellent opportunity for companies to showcase their products, as the sessions will be both… Read More…

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Power Your Industrial Projects With Nexans Cables.

Nexans is a global player in the energy transition and for more than a century, we have manufactured cables in Canada. We offer a full range of industrial cables from ACWU90, DriveRX® VFD, TECK90 and medium voltage armoured cables from 5 to 15 kV. In addition, we provide TECK300 which is TECK90  available in a 300m packaging which also has metre markings. Nexans specializes in providing reliable and long-lasting performance for all your industrial cable needs.

To learn more visit:

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GIGAMEDIA New Line of Security Products Available Now, Only at NEDCO

GIGAMEDIA provides a full range of innovative solutions for small and medium contractors, dedicated to the distribution of wiring systems, IT and telecommunications networks. Their brand new line of security products are available now, only at NEDCO!

Purchase $500 of GIGAMEDIA Security products on one invoice and you will be automatically entered to win a GIGAMEDIA Surveillance Kit. Monthly draws in March and April. Learn More

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VeriSafe 2.0 – Absence of Voltage Testing

Safety is everything. So, being sure the power is off before you open electrical equipment and start handling matters. But how can you be safe and be sure the circuit is de-energized? What if the only acceptable method is a complex testing process that potentially exposes you to the very danger you’re trying to avoid? Panduit introduces a new solution – absence of voltage testers (AVTs) – to prove that the power is off.

Panduit’s Safety Business is focused on innovating groundbreaking new electrical safety technology that reduces risk, increases safety, and helps industry leaders achieve operational goals.

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Electrical Industry News Week

This special weekly digest has the broadest reach of those that are involved in all aspects of the electrical industry including electrical construction and maintenance professionals and electrical specifying engineers across Canada. EIN is designed to provide electrical professionals with insight and intelligence on developments in the industry that impact design, specification, and the installation of electrical equipment. From corporate news to new technologies and insightful opinions, EIN will become your first read in the electrical industry in Canada. Published weekly – every Tuesday