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Finding Balance: The Role of Balance of System in Delivering More Efficient and Cost-Effective PV Installations

Over the past decade, the story of utility-scale solar has been one of increasing energy efficiency and decreasing costs. But as photovoltaic (PV) technology matures, these gains are seeing diminishing returns. There have been huge leaps in technology and drops in cost across the entire solar balance of system (BOS), not just in panels and inverters. BOS typically encompasses everything but the solar panel module itself: inverters, racking and trackers, cable management, batteries, and storage, even software and labor costs. Underlying and tying together all these systems is a solar plant’s physical and electrical infrastructure. Going forward, BOS will play a larger role in increasing the performance and minimizing the cost of commercial-scale PV installations.2 While there is plenty of room for individual improvements in solar infrastructure, examining BOS, as a whole, can help uncover opportunities. Physical and electrical infrastructure connects and underpins the entirety of any solar installation and is an ideal lens through which to approach BOS.

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Guillevin Code Series: New Rules Surrounding Farm Buildings Housing Livestock

By William (Bill) Burr

In response to several high-profile farm building fires, the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA) formed the Reducing the Risk of Barn Fires Advisory Panel, to consider the next steps for government, agencies, and farm owners to help reduce the risk of barn fires and the loss of animals.

The Advisory Panel identified that a high percentage of failures and fires were the result of corrosion and humidity in the electrical systems, as well as some inconsistent interpretations and applications of the electrical code led to many installations being wired with methods and equipment not suitable for the environment.

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Nexans cables are made by Canadians for Canadians

For over 100 years Nexans has been manufacturing cables in Canada from cathode to cable, a story that started with the first copper rod spool that left our original Dundas Street plant in Toronto.

From the CN tower to the Confederation Bridge, across the electrical grid from the Atlantic to the Pacific, and with a presence in more than 25% of Canadian homes, we’ve had a hand in a century of Canadian electrification. All this time, we’ve been working behind the scenes to ensure access to safe, reliable, and now decarbonized electricity.

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Changing Scene

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Prevent Electrical Shock with Special Purpose GFCIs for Commercial and Industrial Applications

Companies must never take electrical shock lightly or believe that safety training and PPE alone are enough. Hundreds of workers are killed every year from electrical shock. Ground-fault circuit protection is one of the most effective preventative measures against electrical shock. It is an out-of-sight-out-of-mind practice that requires zero energy from the workers for it to guarantee their safety.

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Electrical Industry News Week

This special weekly digest has the broadest reach of those that are involved in all aspects of the electrical industry including electrical construction and maintenance professionals and electrical specifying engineers across Canada. EIN is designed to provide electrical professionals’ insight and intelligence on those developments in the industry that effect design, specification, installation of electrical equipment. From corporate news to new technologies and insightful opinions EIN will become your first read in the electrical industry in Canada. Published weekly – every Tuesday