Scotiabank Partners with Lightspark to Support Rollout of Comprehensive Digital Home Energy Label to Help Reduce Carbon Emissions

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September 16, 2022

Scotiabank announced that it will be partnering with Lightspark to rollout the Energy Efficiency Concierge platform through a pilot in the cities of Calgary and Edmonton, which will help consumers connect with energy-saving home retrofits and reduce their carbon footprint.

The Energy Efficiency Concierge platform will provide homeowners with a comprehensive Digital Home Energy Label – the Lightspark Home Energy Score. The platform helps homeowners understand their energy and carbon costs and guides them through the benefits and decision-making process of upgrading their home with energy-saving technologies including heat pumps, hybrid heating systems, envelope upgrades and solar power. The platform also connects homeowners to energy advisors, trades, financing, city rebates and other resources to enable home energy retrofits.

“Scotiabank is pleased to support the activation of Lightspark’s Energy Efficiency Concierge platform which will help homeowners shift from thinking to acting on home carbon reduction,” says John Webster, Head, Real Estate Secured Lending & Scotia Mortgage Authority at Scotiabank.  “We believe Lightspark’s innovative platform will make it easier for homeowners to understand and navigate the home retrofit market and reduce their emissions, while generating enhanced data for consumers, financial institutions, cities and utilities as they transition towards net zero.”

Following the successful rollout of the platform in Calgary and Edmonton, Lightspark intends to rapidly scale and accelerate the implementation of its residential carbon-reduction programs across Canada and internationally to help cities meet their net-zero emission targets by 2050.

“We are very grateful to Scotiabank for supporting the rollout of our Energy Efficiency Concierge platform in Calgary and Edmonton where homeowners understand the value of improving home energy efficiency,” says James Riley, CEO and Founder of Lightspark. “Through the platform, we look forward to connecting our institutional customers, including cities, municipalities and governments who are looking to measure and reduce carbon, with consumers who want an easier way to increase their home value and comfort.” 

The Energy Efficiency Concierge platform is also supported by the Alberta Ecotrust and the Alberta Real Estate Foundation. The platform will enable Alberta realtors to provide Lightspark’s value-added services including access to home-improvement solutions, financial incentives and loans for home buyers. Homeowners in Calgary and Edmonton can register with the Lightspark Energy Efficiency Concierge platform starting in October 2022.  For more information, visit


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