AutoGrid Partners with Mysa to Launch Utility-Scale Virtual Power Plants Using Smart Thermostat Technology for Grid Modernization

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October 28, 2022

AutoGrid announces it will launch one of several VPP projects in collaboration with Canadian manufacturer Mysa, whose line of innovative smart thermostats for electric heating and cooling systems offers robust home energy management capabilities for both consumers and utilities. The initial VPP project with a large utility partner supports a targeted demand side program to postpone the buildout of a new substation in the Pacific NorthWest.

AutoGrid will leverage its VPP platform in conjunction with Mysa’s smart thermostat technology for electric heating and cooling to provide a comprehensive and scalable dispatch solution for both of these technologies, and other IoT solutions from various thermostat and Water Heater Controls platforms. Through this comprehensive Demand Response program, the utility can delay very costly expansions of existing infrastructure via transmission and distribution projects, thus saving rate payers a substantial amount of money, while allowing the utility to responsibly modernize their infrastructure over the coming years without taking on substantial upfront costs.

“We have been using smart thermostats with our VPP technology for quite some time. Mysa is unique in that their products allow complete smart control of high voltage electric heating and cooling systems. This market is underserved by other smart thermostat makers, yet is prevalent in northern parts of the U.S. and Canada, where there is the widespread use of electric home heating and cooling. We are excited to launch this partnership,” said Amit Narayan, Founder and CEO of AutoGrid.

“Mysa’s mission is to make smart home energy management tech that keeps folks comfortable and builds a better future for our planet. A significant part of that better future is the wider shift towards HVAC electrification, which Mysa supports with our products for electric baseboard heating, already installed in thousands of homes throughout the US and Canada. Also, homeowners all over North America are rapidly adopting our latest product for ductless mini-split heat pump systems. With our innovative products, bringing our customers access to demand-response programs across the US is a major way to help utilities with flexibility in their grid systems. Great partners like AutoGrid help move us closer to realizing Mysa’s vision of a fully electric future,” said Joshua Green, Co-Founder and CEO of Mysa.

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