Grounded in Ontario Episode 5: Energy Storage Systems

EIN ESA Grounded 400

December 16, 2021

Installing Energy Storage Systems with Trevor Tremblay

Trevor Tremblay, Technical Advisor at Electrical Safety Authority, shares advice on safely installing energy storage systems

More and more businesses, industries and people are going ‘grid independent.’ This means Licensed Electrical Contractors (LECs) will have to be up to date on the latest energy storage system requirements — especially battery storage.

“It is becoming very popular. We have some manufacturers leading the way in these technologies,” Tremblay shared.

With more than $548 billion being invested in battery storage globally by 2050, according to the Canada Future Energy Report, it’s more important than ever to know the ins and outs of energy storage systems. In this episode, Josie Erzetic talks with Trevor about how to safely and correctly install these in-demand systems.

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