Keystone’s SmartLoop Wireless Lighting Control

EIN Keystone Smartloop Wireless Control

June 15, 2022

The SmartLoop wireless lighting control system by Keystone is a smart lighting control system that allows you to set up and manage your lighting ecosystem quickly, easily, and wirelessly. It’s powerful enough to run a space with multiple lighting zones, but simple enough to program in minutes with your phone – perfect for warehouses, offices, schools, and auditoriums, whether new construction or retrofit


  • Wireless technology means no wire-pulling or extensive labor required
  • App offers easy user interface and intuitive programming
  • Increases energy savings with occupancy sensors, dimming functionality, and scheduling capabilities
  • Secure and reliable with Bluetooth mesh-based technology

Accessories and components:

  • Bluetooth mesh wireless keypad
  • Bluetooth mesh wireless fixture controller
  • Mountable PIR motion sensor
  • Bluetooth mesh battery backup timekeeper

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