Electric Vehicle Charging Management Controller (EVCMC) by Intellimeter

EIN Intellimeter EVCMC

June 15, 2022

As the demand and popularity for Electric Vehicles grows, building owners and condominium boards are facing cost and time constraints when it comes to expanding the electrical infrastructure for EVs. To help combat these constraints, Intellimeter has designed the new i-meter® EVCMC. Aimed to eliminate costly requirements of modify existing infrastructures, the i-meter® EVCMC is rapidly becoming the preferred EVEMS (EV Energy Management System).

The i-meter® EVCMC protects the existing infrastructure from overloads, and avoids excessive demand charges. The system ensures protection of the existing infrastructure, by alternating and distributing the power of multiple chargers. As a car is plugged into the charger and begins its charge, i-meter® EVCMC tracks the time of charge. As more cars are plugged in, new i-meter® EVCMC monitors the total charge to ensure that the contracted demand or ampacity of the breaker is never exceeded by disconnecting car chargers gradually, based on the amount of time they have been on. As the load diminishes, the car chargers are automatically connected again.

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