Edison Sonic Drum+ with BIOS SkyBlue

EIN Edison Sonic Drum BIOS

November 1, 2022


  • Architectural acoustic luminaire with direct lighting distribution.
  • Light source: BIOS SkyBlue LED board (5.5″/11″/22″).
  • Circadian lighting technology with highest melanopic ratio improves daytime alertness, mood, productivity and brain function.
  • Diffused illumination is provided by frosted opal lens.
  • Extruded aluminum body comes with white, black or grey finish.
  • Removable fin shaped Eco-Felt baffles are attached to the acoustic top plate.
  • Available in one standard size with various baffle heights.
  • Class1 Fire rated with 0.7 Noise Reduction Coefficient / 1” Acoustic.
  • LED Strips are rated for 50,000hrs. L80 with +80 CRI.
  • Suitable for suspended installations.
  • Custom finished and modifications are available.
  • ED luminaires are certified to CSA and UL Standards.

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