LED Backlit Flat Panels from Satco Nuvo with 9 Possible Configurations

LED Backlit Flat Panels from Satco Nuvo

March 29, 2023

Field Selectable with Colour and Wattage

The SATCO|NUVO LED Backlit Panel with three popular wattage and three CCT options allows for nine possible power and color configurations at the time of installation. Using an advanced manufacturing process, even light distribution is achieved using high-quality optic material. The use of a flicker-free driver reduces strobing, generating comfortable light suitable for long-term task usage. Ideal for offices, retail, education, and hospitality locations, these panels offer versatility and efficiency with a long, maintenance-free life.

LED Backlit Flat Panels from Satco Nuvo

3 CCT Selectable

Select 3500K/4000K/5000K warm to cool color temperatures at time of installation for ideal visual comfort in a variety of installation environments.

3 Wattage Selectable

Field selectable wattages in 20W/30W/40W for 1×4 and 2×2 panels or 30W/40W/50W for 2×4 configurations allows maximum flexibility.

Flicker Free

Even light distribution is achieved with flicker free drivers, relieving eye strain in task driven offices or educational settings.

Integrated EM Backup Models

Save time and money with integrated emergency backup models offered in standard 2×2, 1×2 and 2×4 configurations.

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LED Backlit Flat Panels from Satco Nuvo

EM Backup Models

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