Green Motion Building EV Charging

July 24, 2023

Eaton Green Motion Building delivers fast, cost-effective, sustainable charging in commercial and multi-tenant settings for passenger vehicles. Count on Green Motion Building to help simplify infrastructure investments, charger deployment and energy management.

Providing a 9.6 kW AC charge, the Green Motion Building chargers power hybrid and all-electric vehicles and are compatible with the Society of Automotive Engineers J1772 charging standard.

Green Motion: Fast AC charging for passenger vehicles

Green Motion Building EV Charging

Stay connected and informed

  • Ensure interoperability with Open Charge Point Protocol 1.6 (OCPP 1.6J) compliance
  • Get the energy insights you need with Wi-Fi-enabled EV charger and SAE J1772 compliant communications
  • Advance reliability for charging with real-time insights 

Optimise infrastructure investments   

  • Manage energy usage by controlling the rate of charge remotely
  • Minimise the impact of EV chargers on local infrastructure by effectively controlling loads
  • Make it easier to integrate, manage and benefit from renewables

Secure charging   

  • Provide RFID charger access to authorised individuals

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