Hubbel Advantage Series Pin and Sleeve Devices

January 4, 2023

Demanding environments call for high performance pin and sleeve connections. To develop the Advantage™ Series, Hubbell has taken their highest performing Pin and Sleeve Devices and made them even better by increasing the horsepower ratings, adding the switching capabilities of a general purpose branched disconnect, and wrapped it up in a compact design. 

The Advantage Series Switch Rated IEC Pin & Sleeve Devices are available in 30, 60 and 100Amp versions and are approved for both motor and branch circuit disconnects. 

Hubbel Advantage Series Features:

∙         Spring-Loaded Disconnect Button: Oversized for easy actuation with gloved hands. 

∙         Superior Grounding Design – The only switch-rated device with a continuous unswitched ground increasing safety. 

∙         Impact Resistant Cover Arm: Compact durable internal swing arm is fully shrouded, protecting it from damage. 

∙         Superior Water Ingress Protection: IP69k & UL Type 4X,12  

∙         Power Indicating LED Lights: Provides visual verification of power when connected. 

∙         Ergonomic Design: Hubbell puts the Advantage™ into the palm of your hands with the easy-to-use leverage grip design from Hubbell. 

∙         Spring-Loaded Cover: Spring-loaded to the open position, reminding users that the cover must be secured to ensure maximum ingress protection. 

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