Intermatic In-Use Weatherproof Covers

January 17, 2023

Keep outdoor receptacles and outlets shielded from the elements with Intermatic in-use weatherproof covers. Available in plastic, extra-duty plastic and extra-duty die-cast options, Intermatic’s rugged solutions provide lasting code-compliant protection.

Intermatic In-Use Weatherproof Covers:

  • 100% Paintable surface
  • Complies with 2020 NEC Article 314.15 for wet locations
  • UL Certified for Type 3R outdoor enclosures
  • Meets requirements for cold impact testing: -60° F (-51° C)
  • Heavy-duty UV stabilized polycarbonate cover, mounting base and inserts
  • 1⁄8″ (3 mm) thick, neoprene gasket with slits for mounting screws
  • Lockable hasp: All models accept up to 0.19″ dia shank
  • Impact rated: 12 lbf. impact test to ensure cover remains intact
  • Warranty: 1-year limited
  • NEW Faster Installation, Pre-Set for GFCI, No insert required

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