Universal Lighting Technologies

The 6-course “Universal University,” powered by BlueVolt, provides distributors, agents, electricians, contractors, designers and other lighting professionals with an interactive online learning experience at any time of day. Participants can learn about various product categories, including how the lighting industry is shifting from fluorescent to LED technology. The courses engage participants via videos, quizzes and audio lessons.

Universal Lighting Technologies, a member of the Panasonic Group. BlueVolt is an award-winning leading provider of online learning management systems (LMS) for the electrical and other service industries.
Universal plans to add more courses this year. Topics already available include:

Ballast Basics

Lighting with LED

LED Fixtures and Retrofit Kits

LED Linear Solutions

LED Drivers

Company Overview, featuring a summary of the Panasonic organization, a comprehensive product lineup, and a virtual Google tour of their corporate headquarter showcasing their lighting solutions.
“The lighting industry has experienced a great deal of change over the past few years, driven by ever-evolving energy regulations, improved lighting efficiency and expanded control options,” says Susan Phillips, director of marketing for Universal Lighting Technologies. “For us, it is critical to provide timely and relevant product knowledge to our customers to help them stay on top of the curve. And because our customers are always on the go, we also wanted to harness the power of interactive and convenient self-paced training.”

BlueVolt’s leading platform provides the ability to share Universal’s new courses with other BlueVolt users. Reporting features allow the company’s e-learning administrators to see which customers are most engaged with various product training courses, and where additional support or information is needed.

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