April 16: 2019 Leadership Conference for Women in Energy


Mar 31, 2019

Advance your career in a traditionally male industry by attending this event. It will provide insight into key energy trends and skills for personal and professional development as Canada’s most successful women energy leaders share their industry knowledge, strategies and experiences on how to accelerate positive organizational change and personal growth.

The program format includes keynote addresses, panel sessions, interactive group discussions and a plentitude of networking opportunities. You’ll participate in knowledge sharing and collaboration while building relationships and enhancing your professional network. You’ll leave this event with practical strategies, insights and guidance on how to propel your energy career forward. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from and collaborate with the top women in energy.

Learning outcomes include:

    • identifying how women can leverage their strengths to improve organizational performance and move up

    • defining the support and programs needed to drive an inclusive workplace

    • analyzing key trends in the global energy market

    • discussing how to navigate through a predominately male industry to reach higher levels

    • determining how to build your internal and external networks

    • assessing how to get men on board as partners and advocates to effect real change

    • defining actionable plans to break through barriers and land a seat at the table

    • discussing what it will take to meet Canada’s changing energy needs

    • designing action plans to accelerate positive organizational change and personal growth

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