Eaton Investing in Hands-On Education to Help Close Skills Gap

EIN Eaton Ed 400

Oct 3, 2019

A strong talent pipeline is needed to address the power industry’s skilled labor shortage. Eaton is addressing this growing skills gap through long-term investment in educational programs designed to prepare current and next generation professionals for success in the power industry.

Analysts indicate the current skills gap created by a steadily retiring workforce may leave an estimated 2.4 million industrial positions unfilled through 2028, with global productivity losses potentially reaching $2.5 trillion as a result. (Source: Deloitte)

“Electrical power is at the heart of what makes our homes, businesses and infrastructure work. Yet, there are not enough people with the specialized training needed to support the power industry into the future,” said Jeff Krakowiak, senior vice president, marketing and commercial operations – Electrical Sector at Eaton. “To help our customers, Eaton is continuing to invest in industry education, training and partnerships to prepare the current and next generation power industry workforce for success.”

Eaton’s multipronged effort to advance a skilled industry workforce includes: 

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