$55 million ERA Energy Savings for Business Program Now Accepting Applications

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Feb 4, 2021

Emissions Reduction Alberta’s (ERA) Energy Savings for Business Program is now accepting applications for projects that create skilled jobs, boost investment, and cut greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in small- and medium-sized industrial and commercial facilities. The program, with up to $55 million in funding available, will decrease operating costs for Alberta businesses while diversifying the economy and helping to meet long-term sustainability goals. The program is anticipated to stimulate over $196 million in new investment.

Energy Savings for Business supports local skilled trades, contractors, and suppliers such as HVAC businesses, insulation companies, lighting systems installers, and electricians. All participating contractors must register to become eligible to participate in the program. Eligible contractors will be required to complete applications for pre-approval and submit all required documents. Before the program launched, 270 contractors from across the province already registered to participate.

The Energy Savings for Business Program offers incentives to eligible Alberta businesses and non-profits to choose commercially available high-efficiency products and onsite energy generation technologies. Up to $250,000 is available for each project with a maximum total of $500,000 per parent company to cover the cost of adopting new products and services. This is a focused economic stimulus program; funds will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis until they are fully committed. Contractors are urged to register for eligibility now; pre-approval is required for all projects.

“The Energy Savings for Business Program supports a critical component of the economy—small- and medium-sized businesses. The program will give Alberta companies and contractors fast access to cost-effective incentives. It will accelerate the adoption of technologies that significantly reduce GHGs and help position Alberta as a leader in sustainable resource and energy use, said Steve MacDonald, CEO, ERA

 “This investment will enable small and medium-sized businesses of all types connect with skilled technicians and tradespeople to help lower energy costs, reduce GHG emissions, and find productivity gains in their day-to-day operations. It is a great initiative that will support economic diversification in Alberta,” said Rebecca Fiissel Schaefer, board chair, AEEA

The program is designed to support the more than 160,000 small- and medium-scale enterprises in Alberta. Projects must occur at facilities located within the province. A wide range of cost-effective energy efficient products and onsite energy generation technologies are eligible: compressed air, process heating, refrigeration, food service, HVAC, motors and drives, water heating, solar PV, combined heat and power (CHP), lighting systems, building envelope and windows, and more.

The program is open to all industries and business types across Alberta except for Large Emitters as defined under the TIER Regulation, new construction, federal and provincially owned buildings, and the institutional sector (municipalities, universities, schools and hospitals). Projects must occur at facilities located within Alberta.

A high volume of projects (up to 4,000) is expected, resulting in broad and significant cumulative impact. The projects are anticipated to account for lifetime greenhouse gas (GHG) reductions of 1.1 million tonnes of CO₂, create about 1,400 (direct and indirect) jobs and drive $300 million in economic activity—providing a positive five times benefit to Alberta’s GDP.

The Government of Alberta is funding ERA’s Energy Savings for Business program through the Technology Innovation and Emissions Reduction (TIER) Fund. TIER funds of up to $30 million will be leveraged with public and private investment, including up to $25 million in funding from the federal Low Carbon Economy Leadership Fund (LCELF).

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