500 Million Kilowatt-Hours Saved by Lind Equipment’s LED Jobsite System.

EIN LDS Lind Jobsite 400

February 25, 2022

Lind Equipment has announced that their award-winning LED Jobsite System has reached the milestone of five hundred million kWh of energy saved.

Lind Equipment compiles real-time data to precisely quantify the energy savings generated by their LED Jobsite System on active construction sites. This energy savings milestone is the equivalent to removing more than 77,000 cars off the road for one year, or powering 65,000 homes on an annual basis. If you monetize the savings using an average of 10 cents/kWh, it adds up to $50M of savings in electricity costs.

Beyond the monetary savings, the LED Jobsite System has helped contractors eliminate over 600,000 tons of waste with the reusable lights and avoid almost 4,000,000 mg of toxic mercury from being released into the environment, which is serious safety and environmental concern caused by traditional metal-halide bulbs.

The LED Jobsite system is an award-winning system of purpose-built, patented, plug and play LED temporary construction lights that you can mix and match to fit your project, and all the projects to come.

This milestone demonstrates the market’s acknowledgment of the LED Jobsite System’s many benefits, and it’s a strong indication that contractors are raising the bar for acceptable temporary LED lighting on construction sites. Contractors are elevating the standard in sustainability in the construction sector by using efficient and reusable temporary lighting equipment to save money on the job while also improving safety and helping the environment.

One prominent example of an energy saving LED Jobsite is the Centre Block Rehabilitation project at Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Canada.

“Sustainability is a community effort, and our customers are proving that collaboration is key to reducing the carbon footprint of the jobsite.” said Susan Azevedo, LED Jobsite Product Manager, Lind Equipment. “Owners and General Contractors appreciate the incredible energy savings, while Electrical Contractors value the material and labor savings. It’s a win-win for all stakeholders, plus creates meaningful benefits for the environment. “

The LED Jobsite System increases project efficiency and profitability by reducing labor and material, saving the project hundreds of thousands of dollars in electricity, while creating a safer, more sustainable jobsite. The return on investment is fast – typically within months on the first project. With the ability to reuse the lights again and again on multiple projects – it’s clear why more and more contractors are standardizing on the LED Jobsite System across all their projects.

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