Ontario Electricity Distributors Welcome Appointment of Electrification and Energy Transition Panel

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May 12, 2022

The Electricity Distributors Association, which represents local hydro utilities across the province, commends the announcement by the provincial government of the appointment of an Electrification and Energy Transition Panel, and looks forward to engagement in the vital work of this new entity.

“Effective long-term energy planning has never been more important than it is today, with the accelerating pace of change we’re all navigating through,” says EDA President and CEO Teresa Sarkesian. “This panel is a timely additional means of better positioning Ontario to meet more of its energy needs with electricity and distributed energy resources, and to integrate all of the technologies and innovations that will be needed to make that happen.”

Electricity distribution utilities are the point of connection between generation and transmission, on the one hand, and end-use customers on the other. They can provide particularly invaluable insights on – and are the entities that will ultimately be called upon to meet – Ontarians’ evolving electricity related needs, expectations and aspirations.

“An enhanced role for local hydro utilities in planning and decision-making is among the recommendations in a white paper we just released on our sector’s role in enabling Ontario’s net-zero carbon future,” notes Sarkesian. “The work of this panel and the accompanying technical pathway study are excellent forums in which to begin actioning that recommendation.”

The EDA also welcomes the appointment of David Collie as chair of the panel, and notes his extensive background and depth of expertise in the utility industry and electricity sector. “We look forward to working with Mr. Collie and his co-panelists to advance Ontario towards net zero,” says Sarkesian.


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