Trilliant Completes Eight Customer Deployments of Prime Energy Suite to Help Utilities Improve Demand Response and Power Loss Detection

August 29, 2023

Trilliant has announced it has completed its eighth customer deployment of Prime Energy Suite in 2023. The company also recently integrated two new meter drivers into its vendor-agnostic data collection engine which supports over 300 residential, commercial and industrial (C&I) meter models, making it one of the most powerful meter data collectors for C&I devices on the market.

A highly scalable and configurable software designed for utilities, the Prime Energy Suite platform encompasses meter data collection, alarms and notifications, energy balances, demand response, data management and power loss detection. In the first eight months of 2023, Trilliant successfully completed eight Prime Energy Suite deployments for utilities, market authorities and energy distribution companies across the Americas. Of these, four involved upgrading from legacy versions of the platform to the High Data Volumetry version, which provides a wide range of benefits, including increased safety, performance, productivity, scalability and interoperability.

Power loss detection helps increase response time and minimize disruptions

According to data from the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA), power outages are happening more often and lasting longer. Between 2013 and 2021, the frequency of outages in the United States increased from 1.2 to 1.42 events per customer per year.

With the use of the power loss detection application in the Prime Energy Suite, Trilliant helped one of its customers detect 15 outage events in the last 12 months, providing advance insights before the incidents happened. This reduced response times significantly, minimizing disruptions across critical infrastructures.

This is just one example of how Trilliant’s work with utilities can help them adopt a proactive approach to identify and validate when there are incidents corresponding to low voltages and partial or total outages. The power loss detection application provides timely notifications to the utility through email (by far the top choice for utilities according to Trilliant data), SMS or local inbox to ensure any issue that is detected can be addressed immediately. The dashboard provides insights related to alarms and blackouts present in meters so utilities can continuously monitor a situation and manage any incidents proactively.

Trilliant Prime Energy Suite improves operational efficiency for utilities

In addition to power loss detection, Prime Energy Suite monitors energy assets to provide utilities with the knowledge of how much load is at their disposal, and provides direct control of those assets. It also enables the aggregation of distributed energy resources (DERs), such as solar panels or energy assets that export power into the energy distribution grid, to balance and optimize the energy on the grid. Trilliant’s proven vendor-independent data collection engine supports over 300 meter and device models and is able to collect data from smart meters on-site or remotely.

Trilliant’s expansive meter portfolio is coupled with the company’s ability to quickly add new meter types to enable utilities to make use of new meter technologies and offerings as they are released to the market.

Prime Energy Suite also includes Trilliant’s Demand Response solution. Many utilities offer demand response programs; customers who subscribe to them commit to reducing power consumption in peak hours for a financial incentive and lower electric bills. While helping customers reduce costs, these programs can decrease peak demand for electricity by thousands of MW and help eliminate the need to build costly peak generation plants.

“As the market’s premier device-agnostic communications platform that enables utilities and cities to deploy any application securely and reliably on one powerful network, we are proud to continue integrating more meter and device providers into our portfolio, offering our customers the power of choice,” said Greg Myers, Vice President of Global Product Strategy & Management at Trilliant. “The accelerated growth of DER and EVs are driving the need for new metering solutions to support the grid’s ability to keep pace, as it needs to continue providing the same quantity and quality of energy that consumers had with the traditional grid.”

Trilliant works closely with electric, gas and water utilities around the world to collaborate and offer solutions, supporting them with tailored, device-agnostic solutions to address not only their current needs, but also their requirements for the future.

Go HERE for more information about how Trilliant is helping utilities improve demand response programs and power loss detection:

Go HERE for more information on Trilliant Prime Energy Suite

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