Two Premier Microgrid Conferences Join Forces to Advance Microgrids Worldwide

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April 12, 2022

Organizers of UL’s HOMER Microgrid and Hybrid Power International conference, the premier microgrid conference produced by UL’s HOMER software and Microgrid Knowledge, host of Microgrid 2022, announced a collaboration to bring HOMER’s long-standing thought leadership to the Microgrid Knowledge stage.

“As microgrids command center stage in the clean energy transition, the time is right for the leaders in microgrid education to work together to further the rapid advancement of microgrids,” said Peter Lilienthal, Ph.D., founder of the HOMER conference, creator of HOMER software and UL Renewable’s global microgrid lead. 

“Microgrid Knowledge has demonstrated its dedication to education and thought leadership on microgrids over many years. Collaborating with this event is a logical and exciting step to take as microgrid growth in the U.S. is poised to surge over the next decade,” said Lilienthal.

“We are thrilled to make our leading conference even stronger through this collaboration,” said Kevin Normandeau, Microgrid Knowledge publisher. “The HOMER conference has long delivered high-quality thought leadership and technical content that will add value to Microgrid 2022 and beyond.”

Known industry-wide, UL’s HOMER conference has a near decade-long legacy in the microgrid industry. Lilienthal started the event in 2013 when microgrids were in their infancy. It began as a gathering for early users of HOMER software and pioneers in renewable energy to engage with and learn from leading experts in the field and one another. Since its beginning, the HOMER conference has grown to more than 3,000 attendees from 136 countries.

The Microgrid Knowledge conference series, founded in 2016, attracted more than 4,000 attendees to its virtual and in-person events in 2021. Microgrid 2022 is expected to be its largest and most exciting in-person microgrid gathering yet, with more than 60 microgrid innovators and visionaries bringing lively discussions and presentations to the stage.

Attendees of Microgrid 2022 can also expect to see case study-focused technical presentations detailing how to model microgrids to find the least-cost solution with HOMER modeling software.

In a show of support to attendees of Microgrid 2022, HOMER software is offering a 10% discount code for attendees. Learn more about the Conference 2022: Microgrids as Climate Heroes. Register HERE and enter code HOMERVIP to save 10%.


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