Nexans CANADEX 2.0 Residential Cables Officially Launched


January 16, 2023

The Nexans CANADEX 2.0 line of NMD9 cables from Nexans has officially launched, an upgrade to the existing line of CANADEX cables. The line is designed to accelerate the installation process, allowing electricians to perform more work in less time, cut overall project costs, and reduce their carbon footprints.

Nexans CANADEX 2.0 cables are designed with the electricians’ needs in mind with three key features intended to streamline the installation process. The “INSTAGLIDE®” technology allows for fast and efficient installation and the ‘Easy-Lift’ handle on Spools is more ergonomic, which improves safety on job sites. Nexans has also added metre markings to the cable to account for every metre of cable installed, reducing product waste.

Jerome Leroy, Nexans’ VP of Distribution and Usage Canada, said: “In developing CANADEX 2.0 cable, our team held focus groups with electricians to understand and gather qualitative insights and unmet needs to create a new line of cable with electricians in mind, democratizing the cable manufacturing process. This new line of residential cables is a revolutionary step in the electrification of Canadian households, using partially recycled copper from our copper rod mill facility in Montreal. Our cables are made by and for Canadians, and we are excited to embark on this new journey.”

Nexans CANADEX 2.0

Nexans CANADEX 2.0 Features

  • Nexans offers CANADEX 2.0 line of residential NMD90 cables that enables faster installation and lowers overall project costs.
  • In line with our strategy to be true partners with our customers, the cables are designed using feedback from electricians and incorporates three key features to streamline workflow.
  • The cables are locally manufactured at Nexans’ facilities in Fergus, ON and are constructed using partially recycled copper from their copper rod mill facility in Montreal.
  • Pulling force is reduced by up to 30% according to independent laboratory testing.
  • Easily pull wire through studs for faster installation, saving time and money.
  • Reduce risk of jacket damage when pulling multiple cables through studs.
  • More efficient with it’s ergonomic design.
  • The convenient handle makes life easier and safer when carrying heavy spools.
  • The ergonomic handle on Nexans CANADEX 2.0 reels has excellent grip, is compact and doesn’t get in the way of your installation.
  • Has markings every one metre, allowing for precise cuts and eliminating the need for measuring with a tape.
  • With Nexans CANADEX 2.0, electricians can simply pull and count the number of markings, helping reduce product waste.

Sizes: 2C14 AWG, 2C12 AWG & 3C14 AWG Coming Soon

Colours: White, Blue, Yellow and Red

Spool sizes: 75m and 150m

Go HERE for more information on CANDEX 2.0 Cables


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