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Ryfan Electric Ltd. was incorporated in the Northwest Territories in 1979 with its head office in Yellowknife, NT. With a service area of 1.1 million plus logistically challenged square kilometres in the Northwest Territories, 1.9 million in Nunavut and an additional 350,000 in Edmonton and North Alberta, getting to customers is no easy feat!

Of the vast Northwest Territories there are 35 communities and only 17 are serviced by roads, the remainder by airplane or barge up the Mackenzie River for three months in the summer.

The Nunavut Territory is 1.9 million square kilometers with 28 communities, none of which are accessible by road. All materials for projects in Nunavut are either flown in or sent on the Sea Lift from ports in Montreal or Churchill, MB. The Sea Lift has a short season in the summer months. In most cases there is only one Sea Lift per year per community.

Lastly the Edmonton and Northern Alberta areas offer approximately 350,000 square kilometers and bring a different set of challenges, largely expediting materials to some of the sites and off-loading with limited community resources.

As all geographical areas are a challenge to move workers to and from, Ryfan employs their own travel agent for accommodation and air travel.

Ryfan Electric Ltd. is a wholly owned Northern Business and is registered as such with the GNWT’s Business Incentive Governing body as an Electrical Contractor and supplier of Electrical Materials and Equipment.

Northern Lights

People and Charity

Ryfan Electric Ltd. maintains a full-time office staff consisting of five Project Managers, one of whom maintains an Alberta Masters Certification, two Estimators and eight office support staff.It’s committed to its community and Ryfan remains the major sponsor in the 17th annual Yellowknife Women’s Charity Golf Tournament.

The 72 participants raise funds for different charities every year. In 2015 the fundraising dollars were donated to the Stanton Hospital Foundation Chemotherapy and IV Treatment Suite and the Yellowknife Ovarian Cancer Walk for Hope. The Stanton Hospital is located in Yellowknife and is the main Territorial Hospital.

The other initiative for 2015 is Habitat for Humanity. Ryfan is coordinating and donating labour and materials for duplex housing in Yellowknife.

Ryfan’s full-time field staff consists of fifty five Journeyman Electricians and forty Apprentice Electricians, all of whom are Northerners including, aboriginals and women. During the busy seasonfield staff can exceed one hundred and fifty.

Ryfan employs a full-time Safety Supervisor who ensures all work sites are inspected, implements the Safety Manual procedures, holds regular safety meetings both onsite and offsite, is responsible for WSCC reporting and various other safety related issues.

In January 2006 Ryfan opened an office in Spruce Grove, Alberta for support of its Northern Industrial Mining Division and Commercial Electrical installations in
Alberta. The office is managed by Mr. Darren Fraser, a Director of Ryfan Electric Ltd. The office provides Estimating, Project Management, Material Management / Procurement and Expediting services to support the Northern and Southern operations.

Revenues are $ 25 to 30 million annually

Business activities include, but are not limited to, commercial installations including schools, health centres, hospitals, office complexes, warehouse complexes and industrial installations. Industrial projects of note, a Gas Plant and Water Injection Plant in Norman Wells, NT for Esso Resources, the initial construction at BHP’s Ekati Diamond Mine Site, a member of BHP’s Ekati Construction Alliance, 2005 Underground Conveyor at Ekati Diamond Mine, Power Plant and Highline Construction, Power Plant and High Voltage.

Distribution, Yakutsk, CIS and replacement of Power Plant Generators, Inuvik, NT

Inuvik School
Photo: The Inuvik School, a 50 Classroom K-12 facility was completed in Spring 2013. The $7.2M electrical, communications and controls contract was a two year hybrid design/build/negotiated contract.

Ryfan Electric Ltd. has competed successfully in Canada’s Northwest Territories, Nunavut Territory and Internationally. The company has completed major projects in various Northern Communities in Canada’s Arctic as well as internationally in the former Soviet Union where it participated in a two year, $30 million project in Siberia, CIS. Through this experience, the company is very familiar with the logistical requirements required to work in remote and isolated environments.

In the past thirty years Ryfan Electric Ltd. has competed in the public tender process, its main business activity has been in the design/build arena

Aboriginal Partnerships

Aboriginal Partnerships providing the services of the NCVC group of companies including:

Ryfan Electric Ltd, Commercial and Industrial Electrical Contractors
Nexum Systems, Communication Contractors
NCV Industrial Inc. Industrial Mechanical Contractors
Ryfan Wind Inc, Environmental Power Solutions

Ryfan Quammallaktaqtuq

RyfanQaummallataktuqInc serving the Kivalliq and Qikiqtaaluk Regions of Nunavut, NNI and NTI approved business

Ryfan Kitikmeot

Ryfan Kitikmeot Inc serving the Kitikmeot Region of Nunavut, NNI and NTI approved Business.

Naha Ryfan Jointventure

Naha Ryfan serving the Nehendeh Region of the Northwest Territories.


PO Box 1835, 9 Nahanni Drive
Yellowknife, NT XIA 2P4
Telephone: (867) 873 – 6158
Fax: (867) 873 – 6159



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