Valard Construction: Turnkey Solutions for Power Systems

June 1, 2016

Winning a contract to construct a 100-km high altitude transmission line in Norway is just the latest in a series of high-profile contracts earned by Edmonton-based Valard Construction. The 5-year project also involves decommissioning 90 km of an existing 300-kilovolt (kV) transmission line, and will require significant use of helicopters for both construction and decommissioning.

“This project is a good fit given Valard’s extensive transmission construction experience as well as with our growth strategy,” says Adam Budzinski, President of Valard Construction.

Founded in 1978, Valard Construction is a leading full-service engineering, procurement and construction (EPC+) contractor, providing turnkey solutions for power systems. With 1400 employees and 600 pieces of utility equipment, the company has the largest cohort of skilled, mobile linemen in Canada and one of the best safety records in the industry. Valard is a Quanta Services, Inc. company, and Quanta’s largest operating unit in Canada.

Among Valard’s accomplishments are the following projects:

  • 1984 — awarded its first major project, constructing BC Hydro’s Takla Landing to Fort Babine 19.9 kV distribution line. This is also Valard’s first foray into cross-country line construction. The rugged terrain requires extensive use of explosives for excavation and helicopters for hoisting.
  • 1997 — awarded the Kemess Mine 230 kV transmission project in northern BC. This is the first major private transmission line in Canada. Deep in the McKenzie Forest District, the 190 km line showcases Valard’s logistical abilities. It requires the purchase of several large excavators for the installation of subterranean bearing pads on all structures and anchors. Much of the mountainous terrain requires helicopter construction techniques. This is the first time Valard works with a major transmission consulting firm, which opens the door to many future EPC projects.
  • 1998-2001 — awarded a series of 138 kV transmission projects in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba, as well as 230 kV projects in Alberta and Manitoba. Valard also provides transmission maintenance for the Kemess Mine line it constructed in 1997.
  • 2007 — awarded the DeBeers project in northern Ontario. This 415 km, 115 kV line poses incredible logistical challenges: an extremely remote location and difficult swamp and fen terrain. Valard establishes excellent relationships with the five neighbouring First Nations communities
  • 2008 — awarded the Bruce to Milton 500 kV transmission project by Hydro One. This $600 million project is the largest expansion of Ontario’s transmission system in 20 years, and the largest power line project underway in Canada at the time. It is also the first time Hydro One has allowed a contractor to work on its facilities.
  • 2015 — awarded the West Fort McMurray 500 kV Transmission Project in Northern Alberta, the largest engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) electric transmission project ever awarded in North America.

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Photo: Valard Construction’s Forrest Kerr project in BC.

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