Company Snapshot: Legend Power Systems

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Jan 21, 2020

Headquartered in Vancouver, Legend Power Systems is a global onsite energy management technology company. They help buildings to overcome grid volatility challenges common to utilities around the world. Legend’s industry-proven flagship product, SmartGATE enables dynamic power management of an entire building. The proprietary and patented system reduces total energy consumption and power costs, while also maximizing the life of electrical equipment. Legend’s unique solution is also a key contributor to both corporate sustainability efforts and the meeting of utility energy efficiency targets.

The premise of the SmartGATE is simple. Power Quality is a ubiquitous condition that negatively affects buildings: it decreases the uptime and lifetime of your equipment. The SmartGATE platform measures the risk and waste in your buildings and automatically improves many of the issues, while saving energy at the same time. This happens in real-time and dynamically changes throughout the day as the incoming power conditions from the grid change. SmartGATE does this using an extremely efficient auto-transformer, electronic switching, an industry-grade meter, and proprietary intelligence and control technology.

SmartGATE saves energy by setting the voltage at the optimal point of the approved range. Around 112 volts the majority of electrical equipment will operate at peak efficiency without sacrificing performance. On average, SmartGATE reduces energy waste by 5-6% of a building’s total energy use. Voltage optimization has been practiced by utilities for decades, however, only Legend has been able to combine energy savings and power quality improvements into a small, cost-effective solution for entire commercial buildings. It is an onsite ‘buck & boost’ voltage regulator that can increase or decrease voltage by up to 8%, responding to grid conditions and adjusting voltage on a cycle by cycle basis. SmartGATE increases a building’s voltage ride-through capability, increasing equipment up-time and lifetime while limiting exposure to poor power quality events.

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