Case Study: Social Housing Tenants Save 50% on Energy Consumption

EIN Bruce Mitsubishi Case study 400

 July 29, 2021

The Challenge

Located in Kincardine, Ontario, the Bruce County Housing Co-op is a government-owned social housing complex. It’s made up of sixteen similar townhouses each with two storeys plus a basement, most of which were still using the original, inefficient furnaces that were installed when the complex was built in the 1980s.

When the complex received a government grant to improve their infrastructure, they knew upgrading their heating would be a smart investment. Since the tenants pay their own hydro, an energy-efficient system was a must. As most of the units did not have air conditioning, it would be a bonus to have a system with cooling capabilities.

However, because AC would be an additional expense to the tenant, it was essential that the system be efficient in both heating and cooling. Other key factors to consider were a low initial capital cost, operating system cost, as well as a quick and simple slim

The Solution

Mitsubishi Electric’s Zuba Central heat pumps because the equipment met the job specification as per the client’s requirement. Tony Ban, the Housing Facilities Manager for the Corporation of the County of Bruce, also confirmed that the two mechanical consultants said no HVAC system compares to Mitsubishi Electric.

“The existence of ductwork, combined with the costly electric furnace systems, made the Mitsubishi Electric Zuba Central Heat Pumps an attractive option” explains Tom Melanson, Territory Manager, Mits AirConditioning Inc. who worked on the successful bid for the project.

The Zuba Central system is the perfect solution for our cold Canadian climate. Performing best at low temperatures, it provides 80% of its rated heat at -25⁰C, meaning it operates superior to other central heat pumps. Thanks to this much heat being generated efficiently at low temperatures, the inefficient backup electric heaters will rarely be used, if at all. The Zuba Central also provides efficient cooling.

The Results

Retrofit times were very quick, with each heat pump taking only one day to install. This helped keep initial capital costs in check and minimized disruption and inconvenience for the tenants. Since the installation was approximately 18 months ago and a larger time period is needed to gauge the long-term results, limited data is available.

However, since units are individually metered it is possible to get an indication. Initial readings indicate a total energy consumption savings of about 50%. Ban conforms this, saying: “tenants love it — their hydro bills were decreased by more than 50%.”outdoor



Mits Airconditioning Inc. Missisauga, Ontario

HVAC Contractor

Montgomery Industrial Services Wingham, Ontario


Kincardine, Ontario


Kincardine, Ontario




Approx.1200 square feet/unit


The government-owned social housing complex needed an energy-efficient modern upgrade to their existing heating solution – electric furnaces.

Selection Criteria

Energy Efficiency

Cost-effective up-front and in the long run

Quick and simple retrofit

Could fit into existing duct work

Air conditioning included

Design/Engineering Solution

Mitsubishi Electric Outdoor unit models: 16 x PUZ-HA36NHA (Zuba Central)

Mitsubishi Electric Indoor unit models: 16 x PVA-A36AA 16 x EH10-MPA-L 10kW (Electric Heater)

All Touchscreen Wi-Fi Thermostats


50% reduction on heating bills, on average

Energy efficient models provided lower heating costs with a bonus of air conditioning

Seamless integration of models into homes.

This case study was publish with permission by Mitsubishi Electric 


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